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The Golden Rule — The Name

There is now only one public house in the United Kingdom bearing the original name The Golden Rule (the other in Dagnall, Buckinghamshire closed in 2007 and there is another much more recently named one in Fountainbridge, Edinburgh — formerly The Yeaman Bar).

Why might this be so?

Some one hundred and fifty years ago there were many taverns bearing this name since they possessed only a beer licence. This not only prohibited them from selling wines and spirits, but also meant the application of the 'golden rule', that is they were unable to open their doors on a Sunday. Thus, in theory, ensuring the abstinence of agricultural and other local workers on the Lord's Day which was to be reserved for Godly thoughts and church-going.

As the drift occured to industrial employment in towns, where most public houses were open on a Sunday, so there came an increasing call for rural pubs to follow suit. Thus, no longer wishing to be reminded of the old rules, or to confuse their customers as to the drinks available or to their opening hours, gradually they changed their names.

Rest assured that, despite the name, The Golden Rule is open for all permitted hours every Sunday!

Mind you, there are those that claim that the name has something to do with the biblical quotation Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.

Who knows?

Artwork & Photographs

The walls of the Rule are adorned with a variety of artwork, from original oils by acclaimed local artist Julian Heaton Cooper, to classic prints, and photographs old and new.

Licensees of the Golden Rule

William Wilson1820 - 1827
R Stantonc1855
William Copleyc1881 - c1891
Charles Henry Wearing1906
[?] Briggsc1920
George Hodgson1932 - 1940
[?] Wooley1940 - 1942
Albert Edward Faulkner1942 - 1945
Arthur & Nora Bruce1945 - 1946
Victor Emanuel Bennett1946 - 1948
John Elleray1948 - 1952
Danny Smith1952 - 1959
Annie Smith1959 - 1963
Bill Tate1963 - 1968
Edgar Peake1968 - 1975
Arthur Catteral[l?]1975
David Oldham1975 - 1981
John Lockley1981 - date1

1With Alan Risdon 2002 - 2005

The Golden Rule in Print & on the Web

The Golden Rule has featured many times in magazine and newspaper articles, over the years, Unfortunately very few of them have been saved, so if you have in your possession an article about the Rule we'd be delighted to add it. We are also linking to substantial, well-written articles on the internet.

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  • Unicycle Emptiness, January 2010 - Ambleside (external link)
Hatters Mild pump clip Brittania table Extract from Julian Heaton Cooper painting: The Golden Rule, 1998